Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's been a long week...

The past week has been really tough. We are saddened by the sudden death of our dear friend and teammate, David Jack, last Monday. He was a medical student who was living passionately for Christ, and was very instrumental in us coming to Dundee. We were really excited about partnering with him here. I don't understand why this has happened. But I'm trusting in God's sovereignty and goodness. I've recently been reminded that God is weaving a beautiful and harmonious tapestry. Yet on this side of heaven, we often only see the threads on the back that don't make sense. I am happy for David, as he is with his Lord and Saviour. But I am sad for those of us left behind. Please pray for David's family and Anna (David's fiance), and her family. Please pray for grace and wisdom as we navigate the loss of our friend and teammate. Ultimately, I pray that God would be even more glorified by David's death than by his life. His funeral is tomorrow.

Monday, August 8, 2011

God's provision

That first week of getting settled was tough. Yes, the house was coming together, but I was a bit discouraged. I didn't leave the house much, and I don't think the fumes really helped either! But last week, I saw God's provision and I am encouraged. Here are a few examples:

1. God provided a car. I realized that our place is a wee bit too far out from the university and I would need one. It is a 2000 audi (station wagon) that fell into my lap and was a great price. I don't know how to drive it yet (for it's manual). But I have a driving lesson on Wednesday... so watch out!
2. My room is going to be a great haven. see pics below.
3. I got a bank account! I couldn't believe how smooth this went.
4. I made a new friend, Lizzy, a gal whom I met at church. We went to coffee and hit it off!
5. I had coffee with my friend, Anna, who is a medic student. It was great to catch up with her! I look forward to doing that more.
6. I met a dentist at church who may be able to help me get a job. He also has some connections with dental students.
7. The house we are renting is not where we first desired to live. However, we realize it is God's providence that we are here. It is near a park and the pastor and others from the church live nearby. I am anticipating some ultimate frisbee games with students in the park. Oh yeah!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Getting Settled

Two weeks ago today we moved into our unfurnished home. We bought air mattresses (and paint) and started painting! Within one week, we had the bedrooms painted, made a trip to Ikea (had things delivered) and put most things together. All in all, it was a very productive, yet tiring week. Here are a few pics....

One coat of primer and the bears were gone!

The Stadalksy's went on a date and the kids were happy eating pizza and watching a movie on the computer while I started painting my room.

I went with the color, wild primrose. I thought it would be a good idea to have a bright and cheery room particularly in the winter when there will only be 4 hours of daylight. It reminds me of my Charleston home.

John Spencer helped me paint my room!

Then it was time to put everything together.

I was happy to sleep on my own bed that evening!

This was our dining room table for a while, then we upgraded to a box!

The kids were occupied making ships for the much anticipated lego war!