Our Mission

Our heart’s desire is to labor with and invest in health professional students in the context of community and the local church to advance God’s kingdom for His glory. We feel this to be one of the most strategic things we can do with our team, and can’t imagine doing anything else with our lives. 

God directed us to Dundee through personal relationships and prayer. Foreign students account for up to 20% of students there, with most returning home after training. A majority of the course work and training is completed in Dundee, so we will have up to 6 years to pour Christ into our students.  We feel God has gifted us to work with students, and uniquely positioned us to reach them.

Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) has invited us to a partner with them in setting up a discipleship based ministry on the medical campus in Dundee, with the future goal of multiplying this to every medical campus in Scotland, the UK and eventually the world.