Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Taryn to Town!!!

What's Megan been up to lately?

Well, December 18 - 23 she hosted me -- Taryn! I've always wanted to have a blog. Thankfully, Megan said I could write a guest post about my holiday!

Due to cool rainy weather my cold toes had no feeling until I came to my senses and wore my hiking boots for our amazing sight-seeing adventures -- Saint Andrews, Glamis Castle, Stirling Castle, William Wallace Monument, and Edinburgh Castle. After the 3:15 pm sunset each day, we returned to the house, sat around the Monopoly board by the Christmas tree in the "warm room," and indulged in delicious foods -- tea, tea, tea, hot chocolate, scones, pan de chocolate, biscuits, fruit tarts, lasagna, and garlic bread. I learned a wee bit of Scottish vocabulary -- wearing trousers, staying for a cuppa, and wishing friends a Happy Christmas! I noted a few challenges -- crunching for the kingdom -- a phrase I used describing the way clothes feel after drying on the radiator. On the other hand, I know people who have invested in heated towel racks, but in the Stadalsky/Kibbey household, the bathroom radiator heated my towel each day during my shower for no extra charge! At home in the US today, I dreaded unloading the dishwasher, but washing the dishes by hand did not seem at all burdensome in Scotland -- especially when I stood by and watched Megan wash them (note the facial expression in the picture!

Each aspect of the visit brought joy to my heart. However, the very best part was spending time with Megan, Jennifer, Scott, John Spencer, and Sophia and seeing how God is gifting, equipping, challenging, and providing for each person. I am so encouraged to see the body of Christ in action -- loving, including, and inviting others to join in. I left remembering more of the power of the resurrection, and experiencing a deeper sense of freedom and love that come from knowing Jesus. And, now that I'm back home in Charleston, Megan's life in Scotland is continuing. I'm sure she will write more soon!

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